Heroes of Grace

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In honor of the 100th anniverisary of Fatima, Heroes of Grace 2017-18 focuses on the Blessed Mother, her feasts, her virtues, her approved apparitions, her devotions, and saints who honored her.

The Book of Sevens of the Catholic Faith
The Book of Sevens of the Catholic Faith
Heroes of Grace
Designed for Confirmation and RCIA Candidates, this book is suitable for anyone interested in the truths of the Faith. The Sevens are 1. Sacraments; 2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit; 3. Catholic Virtues; 4. Deadly Sins; 5. Corporal Works of Mercy; 6. Spiritual Works of Mercy, plus 7 Devotions and 7 Catholic Prayers. Plus an Appendix of Important Lists. 64 pages. Full-color, staplebound