In honor of the YEAR OF MERCY, Heroes of Grace 2015-2016 is dedicated to Saints of Mercy, as well as Mercy Feasts and Devotions! This year's Virtues are the Corporal Works of Mercy, featuring many new Saints who demonstrate the Corporal Works of Mercy, including Mother Cabrini, Camillus de Lellis, Alphege, Angela of Foglio, Felix of Candalice, Adelaide, and Wulfstan, as well as old favorites like Francis of Assisi, Martin de Porres, Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine of Siena, Padre Pio, Jude Thaddeus, and many more! Devotions include the Throne of Mercy, Seat of Mercy, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Divine Mercy, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Mother of Mercy. Beautiful, colorful images, along with new coloring pages by artist Cathy Pacheco, including the Prodigal Son and Mary's Mantle, provide wonderful teaching instruments that draw children into the material with beauty.

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For 2016-17, Heroes of Grace Saints of Mercy II will continue celebrating the Merciful Love of God using the Spiritual Works of Mercy as the Virtues, along with Saints whose lives demonstrate those virtues! Look for the 2016-2017 Program to be ready by early summer!

A SAINT EVERY WEEK . . . A VIRTUE EVERY MONTH! In a culture where young people are encouraged to emulate movie stars, sports figures, or fantasy super heroes, where can they find examples of Virtue to inspire them or teach them truths of the Faith? Heroes of Grace can furnish young minds with concrete examples of heroic virtue, faithfulness to the Gospel, Christian charity, and loving self-sacrifice! The Saints are a compelling witness to the Universal Call to Holiness!

Recent studies have shown that a knowledge of the Saints has a positive impact on a child's faith retention into adulthood! Supplement your Religious Education Curriculum in CCD Programs, Catholic Schools, or Homeschool Settings with SAINTS, VIRTUES, and the TREASURES of the Liturgical Calendar! Designed by a Director of Religious Education with over twenty years' experience writing curricula for children, and who has worked with large groups (2,000 students a year) and all age groups, Heroes of Grace is effective, inexpensive, and easy to administer.

Program Inserts are designed to correspond to the current Church calendar, featuring a Saint whose feast day occurs during that week (September to May), with an additional Insert each month on a Virtue. Liturgical feasts and devotions are also featured to coincide with the current Church year. With a wealth of beautiful pictures, sidebars, or coloring pages that work as teaching instruments, each Insert becomes an extremely effective, flexible, and easy-to-use teaching tool. One Insert provides two Treatments of the same subject: Primary Treatment for Grades 1-4, with large-type, easy-to-read stories and carefully selected illustrations or coloring pages that teach early readers the important concepts, and In-Depth Treatment for Grades 5+, Catechists, Parents, Confirmation or RCIA Candidates, and Adult Education, with detailed information, additional pictures, and sidebars.

For CCD Programs, Catholic Schools, and Parishes, Heroes of Grace is delivered as a packet of full-color, professionally printed Inserts, ready for reproduction in either color or black-and-white, for your program needs. Heroes of Grace has already proven effective for religious education programs of all sizes and objectives; Inserts can be used in class, sent home as a family activity, or manually inserted into bulletins. The Program is also available as a CD of pdfs for easy emailing to groups, such as teachers or parents. Purchase of the Packet or CD entitles the parish to reproduce as many copies as needed for their specific programs. Presented in Virginia, Maryland, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Minnesota, South Carolina, Washington DC, Ohio, Oklahoma, California, and Alaska, Heroes of Grace has already given thousands of children a deeper appreciation of the Saints, Virtues, and beauties of their Catholic heritage.

For Homeschool or individual use, Heroes of Grace is sold each year as a spiral-bound book and is protected by copyright; reproduction is not permitted without specific written permission from Coronae Rosarum Publications.

The Heroes of Grace COMPENDIUM is one book that contains all the Saints, Virtues, and Liturgical and Devotional Events featured in the 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-2014 Heroes of Grace program years! To place an order, please use the Contact Us form, email, or call 703-268-5742. Editions are now available through Seton Home Study, Catholic Heritage Curriculum, and

COMMENTS FROM SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Michele Leary, DRE at Holy Trinity Parish in Gainesville, has used HEROES OF GRACE since its inception. She writes: "HEROES OF GRACE is a huge blessing to Holy Trinity Parish! I use the program in CCD classes, and I post the handouts on the CCD bulletin board, where there is ALWAYS someone reading the beautiful explanations of the virtues and saints during class times! Catholic schools would enrich their religion programs by using HEROES OF GRACE as a weekly supplement! Everybody loves them! Thanks, Carol Anne Jones--your materials are superb!"

Mary Therrell, Principal of St. Ann Catholic School in Arlington, VA, writes: "HEROES OF GRACE has enhanced our religion program through its beautifully written stories of the Saints and through the stunning artwork that brings those stories to life. Students are challenged to strengthen and develop Virtue by imitating these heroes of the Church."

Jim Kontoes, a middle school religion teacher at St. Ann School who uses HEROES OF GRACE in his classes, has this to say: "I really love your program. Your stories of the saints are some of the best I have ever come across in ten years of teaching! They are very well written, short enough to easily weave into the curriculum but amazingly in depth. Best of all, my students are able to tell me about every one of the saints I introduce them to in equally fine detail!"

Delores Nelson, former Director of Religious Education for Saint Andrew the Apostle Church in Clifton, VA, says: "HEROES OF GRACE was a great resource for my catechists. Each month I emailed them the readily available information about Saints, Virtues, feast days, and special Catholic observances which they then incorporated into their classroom lesson. I also emailed them to all parents for extra enhancement at home. Our homeschool parents were quite pleased to supplement their home programs with HEROES OF GRACE. This program is a great enhancement for any school of religious education."

Comments from others include the following: "I love your stuff!" and "We have really been enjoying HEROES OF GRACE. Several teachers are using them in their lessons and others are just talking about the saint briefly and sending it home. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from the parents as well. It is a beautiful program--we are blessed to have found it."

1. HEROES OF GRACE FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS (with reproduction rights for your program) includes Program Administrator Instructions; Catechist Instructions; 47 Inserts on Saints, Virtues, and Liturgical Events (94 pages of Primary and In-Depth Treatments); plus an 8-page pre-formatted booklet "Summer Saints" as a bonus hand-out for the summer months.

A. PACKET OF INSERTS: 47 Inserts professionally printed in full color on 70# paper @$70.00 + $10 shipping.

B. PROGRAM CD: 47 Inserts in pdf format (jpg upon request) @$55.00 + $5 shipping.

C. PACKET OF INSERTS + PROGRAM CD: 47 Inserts in hard-copy and electronic files @$85.00 + $10 shipping.

2. HEROES OF GRACE BOOKS FOR INDIVIDUAL USERS (reproduction rights reserved) includes 47 Inserts with spiral-binding and clear plastic covers. For Homeschool Students, Confirmation Candidates, RCIA Candidates, Catechist or Family Enrichment, Gifts, Programs that wish to focus exclusively on one Treatment, Programs that do not have facility to reproduce Inserts, or bookstores wanting to sell HEROES OF GRACE.

A. COMPLETE BOOK for 2014-2015: All Inserts, Primary and In-Depth, included in chronological order @$20.00** + $5 shipping

B. COMPENDIUM: Enjoy the wealth of material included in Heroes of Grace 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014 on Saints, Virtues, and Liturgical Feasts, newly augmented with many new beautiful illustrations in full-color professionally printed spiral bound books. Each of the two editions of the Compendium includes 130 pages of material. The Primary Edition is geared for children ages 5-12 and the In-Depth Edition is perfect for older students, catechists, parents, RCIA, and adult education. To use as enrichment in a Homeschool curriculum for the primary grades, it is recommended that you purchase both editions so that parents can supplement the information in the Primary Edition with the more comprehensive material in the In-Depth Edition.(Compendium is now available for purchase!): i. Primary Edition (Grades 1-5) @ $27.00 + $8 shipping ii. In-Depth Edition (Grades 5-Adult) @ $27.00 + $8 shipping

To order, simply use the Contact Us form, indicating your shipping address information and order preferences, or call 703-268-5742. Coronae Rosarum is now able to take credit card orders over the phone: simply call 703-268-5742 to complete your transaction. Also, order forms are available by email to Please allow one-two weeks for delivery; to expedite your order, contact Carol Jones at or call 703-268-5742. Shipping costs for multiple copies of Books depend on number of copies and destination. If you place an order for multiple copies, call or email for an exact quote of shipping costs.

**Bulk discounts for spiral-bound books: 10% discount for 5-9 copies, 20% discount for 10-24 copies, and 30% discount for 25 or more copies.

Click on thumbnails to the right to view sample worksheets from the 2011-2012 Program for October 1, the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. The first sample is the Primary Treatment for younger students (Grades 1-4). The second sample features the In-Depth Treatment of the same material for older students (Grades 5-Adult).

Thank you for your interest in Heroes of Grace! God Bless You!

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