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From the Latin for "crowns of roses," CoronŠ Rosarum is a company founded in 1990 and dedicated to the honor of the Blessed Mother. CoronŠ Rosarum offers a variety of educational materials for religious education programs, Catholic Schools, homeschooling families, and interested individuals, including the following:

  • The Week of Graces, a Catholic VBS that for nearly 20 years has offered a variety of Catholic curricula for children ages 5-14. Joyful and fun, with a history of inspiring a generation of Catholics to love their faith, the program is rich with the heritage, prayers, and devotions of the Catholic Faith.
  • Heroes of Grace, a collection of 50+ one-page flyers or bulletin inserts geared to the liturgical calendar (Sept.-May) featuring inserts about a Saint for each week and a Virtue for each month. These inserts have been used in over 700 classes over 8 years; carefully researched, written, and illustrated for age-specific audiences, they have a solid track record of teaching students, catechists, parents, and adults about the example of heroes of the Catholic Faith. Go to the "Heroes of Grace" tab to click on thumbnails to see full-size samples of these inserts. This program can be purchased as a CD of pdfs for reproduction to meet your program's needs; it is also available as comb-bound booklet version for homeschoolers, parents, and individuals interested in learning more about the Saints and Virtues.
  • Saints Who Saw with Their Hearts, a supplement to Heroes of Grace designed especially for students with special needs. The book provides very simple stories about four saints whose own experience included struggles with some of the problems that special needs students might face: Saint Joseph Cupertino, Saint Margaret of Castello, Saint Therese of Lisieux, and Blessed Hermann of Reichenau. With color pictures, simple text, and coloring pages. Comb-bound book sells for $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping. To order, simply indicate the title in your contact form; a confirmation email will be sent to you.
  • Customizable Holy Cards: Pick your favorite prayer, Scripture quote, or sentiment; personalize it with a greeting or the name of your parish or program; and have that information printed to your specifications on the back of your choice of holy cards--the Good Shepherd, Christ on the Cross, the Resurrection, The Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Joseph, St. Theresa, or many others to choose from. For more information, please use the Contact Us form to contact Carol Jones. Cards are sold @$10.00/48 cards, which is only 20 cents per holy card!
  • CoronŠ Rosarum also offers custom handmade heirloom-quality rosaries, rosary bracelets, penal rosaries, chaplets, and religious jewelry using semi-precious stones, pearls, or crystal beads, with sterling silver wire and medals; more modestly priced designs can be ordered using glass or wooden beads and silver- or gold-plated wire and medals. Go to to view current inventory or use the Contact Us form to specify what you would like to order.

VBS should be fun . . . but it can be so much MORE!

The average VBS is 3 hours/day for 5 days--the same amount of time as an entire semester of weekly Religious Education classes. However, the VBS format can be a more effective way to help children experience their faith--especially if it builds each day on recurring themes! If, during a week of songs, crafts, prayers, skits, and events that all reinforce a central theme, children learn about saints, virtues, and truths of their Faith, then these experiences--Children's Adoration Service, Marian Procession, or Rosary Walk--can give them a taste of the beauties of our Faith that may inspire them for a lifetime!

The Week of Graces is designed to teach and to delight--with the goal of opening a door to the heart--a door that, once opened, allows God to rush in and fill it with His Graces. The teachers and aides do not open that door; the children open it for themselves.

Over decades that The Week of Graces has been offered in many parishes in the Diocese of Arlington, many parents have noticed a change in their child's level of interest in their Faith after participating in this Program. One parent, with tears in her eyes, called The Week of Graces the answer to her prayers for her child, who by the end of The Week of Graces expressed a desire--for the first time--to go to church and to read more about the Saints. It is not uncommon for students to cry at the close of The Week of Graces because they do not want it to end.

Many Week of Graces alumni, including young men and women in their twenties, admit with pride that they still have their Week of Graces Monstrance craft or Shrine to Mary in a place of honor. This is the norm, not the exception, for Week of Graces graduates, because the program is not just a week of fun activities.

Nor is The Week of Graces designed around the popular VBS format of activity stations and high-energy events that can overstimulate and distract from the messages of each day's theme. The Week of Graces format places children into age-appropriate groups, allowing older children to remain engaged in and excited about materials appropriate to their maturity levels, while younger children can assimilate the material at their levels. The Week of Graces day begins with quiet activities that move, as the day progresses, into more energetic events while still maintaining the focus around a daily theme. Over the years Carol Anne Jones has written and revised over 15 curricula and personally supervised and taught in 12 programs. Her most popular curricula--Holy Mass: Door to Heaven; Priesthood is the Love of the Heart of Christ; The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and The Holy Rosary: The Mysteries of Light represent 20 years of experience in writing, designing, coordinating, and teaching The Week of Graces in various parishes, with programs that ranged in size from 50 children to 130 children ages 5-14. Using various pedagogical methods, more than 12 hours of planning and design went into each hour of activities, events, and crafts that invite children to explore and deepen their faith.

Friendships have begun during that week, too--some that have lasted many years--founded upon the very best reasons for friendship: love of God and of each other. As a mother with 2 sons in their twenties, I can vouch for the importance that such friendships have in reinforcing the virtues and values of our Faith. The world that our children will enter may be hostile to our Faith; our children need the graces now that God wants to give them and the support they can give each other both now and in the future.

For more information on The Week of Graces, go to the Week of Graces tab above or use the Contact Us form to contact Carol Jones directly.

God bless you and yours!