"All the saints and angels belong to us.  We can use the intelligence of St. Thomas Aquinas, the right arm of St. Michael, the hearts of  Joan of Arc and Catherine of Siena, and all the hidden resources which have only to be touched to be set in action."                                                                                                                   --Paul Claudel, Paul Claudel Interroge le Cantique des Cantiques, 1954.


Saints, Virtues, Feasts, and Devotions are the heritage of every generation of Catholics.  Enrich this generation with the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith, using age-appropriate stories and beautiful, dignified images of the lives of the Saints (who are the true superheroes) and the Virtues they practiced.

 Coronae Rosarum Publications offers a wealth of enrichment: 

  1. Programs designed for CCD, Catholic School, and Homeschool applications; 
  2. Books about the Saints, Virtues, Feasts, and Devotions for children, young people, and adults; 
  3. Catholic Summer Programs called The Week of Graces that for over 25 years have opened doors to the graces God bestows on children as they enjoy a week of crafts, stories, songs, skits, prayers, and devotional events.

 With 30+ years' experience writing, administering, and teaching programs for children to inspire them with the Faith, Carol Anne Jones offers the fruits of those years in a wealth of programs and books that have inspired thousands to not only know the Faith but to love the Faith.

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